Low Cost Branded Mouse Mats With Logo

Printit4u offer low cost personalised mouse mats including the Tyre Brite Mouse Mat which is made out of recyled tyres.

Promotional Mouse Mats Popular Examples

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Promotional Hard Backed Brite Mouse Mats

Brite Mouse Mats Presentation Pack

Promotional mouse mats printed with your name and message make a very effective and useful advertising gift. Our best selling promotional mouse mats are the Brite-Mat Mouse Mats. These printed mouse mats offer 100% perfect mouse control with both optical and standard ball mice. The brite-mat mouse mats are virtually indestructible and offer stunning colour reproduction and a very large print area to get your message across. Personalised mouse-mats are also ideal for displaying calendars, product ranges and all of your important contact details. The Brite-Mat contains recycled material and is available in rectangular and round format. If you are looking for a truly eco friendly mouse mat then order the Tyre Brite Mat which is made of 95.5% recycled material, including over 40% of recycled tyres! If you wish to keep your mailing costs down then order the Brite Mat Lite, one of the lightest, thinnest mouse mats on the market, at just 16 grams, making it ideal for low cost mailshots.

Printed Foam Backed Q Mouse Mats

Q Mouse Mats Presentaion Pack

Printed Mouse Mats branded with your company name and logo make a top quality business gift. Your advertising message will be prominently displayed and seen every time your customer uses their computer. Our best selling foam backed mouse mats are the Q-Mat Mouse Mats a high quality 3mm foam backed mouse mat. Printit4u offer rectangular and round Q-Mat Mouse Mats and we can even offer a custom shape for a fully personalised promotional gift. (Tooling costs will apply). For excellent value we also offer A Q-Mat presentation pack containing the Q Mat Mouse Mat and a set of two matching Q Mat coasters.