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Look Out For Our Special Offers on Promotional Gifts!

Special Offers on Promotional Gifts

Low Cost Deals on Promotional Products

Printit4u have regular low cost promotions on our range of advertsing gifts. Please sign up to receive our low cost deals straight into your inbox.

Personalised International Shipping Calendars Made in The U.K. and Personalised by Printit4u

Includes Date Cursor
Available in Wall and Desk Formats
Supplied Inserted into Mailing Envelopes
Months and Days Shown in 6 Different Languages
Includes Holiday Dates for UK's Trading Partners
Printit4u Will Provide Free Artwork for Your Advert

Personalised International Shipping Calendars from Printit4u

New 2.5M Wooden Parasols Branded In One Colour or Full Colour

Printit4u offer 2.5M Wooden Parasols personalisedwith a one colour print or full colour. Low minimum order quantity of just one unit!

Personalised Wooden Parasols Branded By Printit4u

New British Made Hygiene Key

Printit4u offer the new Hygiene Key which prevents the need to touch door handles. The Hygiene Key can be personalised by print or by relief moulding

New personalised hygiene key branded by Printit4u